Prism Quantum Pro


The Quantum Pro is the ultimate, state-of-the-art competition machine for serious kite pilots.



The Quantum Pro is the ultimate competition flying machine for serious kite pilots. It’’s won the World Team Championship and countless competitions at all levels around the world.

High aspect ratio wing. Hand-wrapped tapered carbon frame. Weighted CNC machined center T. Bridle settings to configure precision and turn rate. Leading edge glides for snag-free slack-line tricks. Leech line for stealth mode. Yo-yo stoppers. A weight system so you can tweak the kite’’s center of gravity and wing loading for the wind and your flying style. If the finest equipment makes you drool, you might even want more than one. Super Ultralight and Vented versions are built by custom order only. Contact us for more info.

The Quantum Pro sports a ripstop polyester and mylar laminate sail on a SkyShark P200 & 5PT wrapped carbon frame. It comes in a lightweight drawstring sleeve.

This kite is custom and requires approximately one month for delivery.

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Any Colour, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow